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VINHOMES GRAND PARK DISTRICT 9 – Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment have 50 priority buys for foreigners from the owner at Rever and Eravietnam. The announcement for selling apartments in the Vincity cheap segment (from VND 800 million per unit) is really attracting great interest from residents as well as real estate investors.

☑️Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment  located at direct 9, Ho Chi Minh city , the central of evolution about finance, building, and traffic.

☑️Scale up to 270ha with 4 subdivision, development to green space, scale build 25%, have two rivers cross this is the best place to live.

☑️Vingroup is the best investor in Viet Nam with a lot of popular building ( Vinhome Central Park, Vinhome Bason, Vin Pearl,..)

☑️In Apr 2018 Vingroup will sell the first subdivision for the foreign with the good frice, this is the best opportunity real estate investment for foreigners in Viet Nam.

☑️Housing demand in this area is very big because it nearly a lot of industrial area, area of hight technology, The East Station and the area development of people

Vinhomes Grand Park Quận 9


We are the project primary distribution – Work with Vingroup

Major urban development project in district 9 – VINGROUP CORPORATION
Investor : Vingroup corporation
Project scale: Total areas is about 270 hectares with more than 72 high-rise buildings.
Type of development : Aparment, villa, house have garden, townhouse, commercial service house(Shophouse).
Building density : from 20 to 25%
Contruction unit : Contractor contecons.
Building height: from 22 to 25 floors
Area : Vincity apartment is about 40 – 90 sqm (from 1 to 3brs).
Type of owner:
– Vietnam: long-term
– Foreigner: long-term with 2brs aparment (bigger than 60 sqm)

Immediate contact Vhouse for priority placement

>> Nhà mẫu căn hộ Vinhomes Grand Park & Sa bàn Vinhomes Quận 9

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